Magic Easter in Ibiza

Easter in Ibiza is a fantastic time of year to visit, it’s warm, quieter and much more laid back than the summer months. Just perfect for exploring and recharging those batteries after the cold damp and dreary winter months.

Easter 2017 falls right in the middle of April. This is when the island starts to come alive and although there is less open than at the height of summer its really worth going as you find another beauty to the island often missed by people during the summer months.

Easter in Ibiza is also a very important time for the catholic church across Spain and you will find religious parades taking place across the island. The streets of Ibiza are decorated with flowers and crosses with bearers carrying large ornate religious statues through the streets. Some complete their outfits with tall hoods called capirotes. These are worn to hide the bearer’s sombre reflection of their own sins.

The big event on Good Friday sees all the cofradias, who are charged with taking care of the statues, take part in one big procession from the Cathedral (Dalt Vila) mid evening. This is a great religious and cultural spectacle to see.

Getting to Ibiza for Easter
Only Ryanair and British Airways are operating direct flights from the UK around Easter but as the prices are so low it is worth looking at connecting flights either via Barcelona or Palma. It does take a little longer but well worth it to enjoy the paradise of Ibiza.

For example, you can find flights to Barcelona for £34 each way from the UK and an onward flight to Ibiza for less than €20 so all in for £50 each way is a bargain price.

What to do
This is the big one and we have to admit it can be a little surreal walking through the major resorts with many premises still boarded up not yet ready for the summer but away from the obvious holiday hotspots there is still a lot to do and find.

The beaches are all open and quiet with an average daily temperature of 19 – 22c its perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. Swimming is possible, it is a little “fresh” but you will see many of the locals taking a dip and one your in its fine.

Cala Bassa at Easter crystal clear waters and deserted
Cala Bassa in April crystal clear waters and deserted

A top tip is to take your own food and drink as not all of the beach bars and restaurants will be open and we have found it is a little hit and miss at the start of the season.

Exploring the island is fantastic the roads are quiet and walks, cycling are much more pleasant when it’s not so hot as it is in the summer. We have enjoyed some great coastal walks and visiting Las Dalias Hippy Market around easter was much more pleasurable than the summer, not as busy or as hot.

Read here for more on walking and cycling in Ibiza.
The stunning Ibiza countryside great for exploring
Water sports there is very little available but we have been paddle boarding in April with SUP Boat Ibiza which was fantastic. There were a lot less boats blasting past and with the added fear of falling in the “fresh” waters we really got our technique down to a fine art.

Paddle Boarding in Ibiza a great activity for the whole family
Paddle Boarding in Ibiza a great activity for the whole family
Ibiza town is open as it is all year round with the cafe restaurants and shops bustling and again it’s great to explore the old town and Dalt Villa around this time as the walk to the top is a much less sweaty affair or for those of you wanting something more taxing why not try Escape Rooms.

San Antonio is just coming to life with many of the local restaurants opening for longer than the winter months, we recommend checking out Tapas Ibiza, Relish, Ritas Cantina to name but a few.

Surf Lounge is usually open at weekends in April with their artificial wave machine running which is great to have a go on or just to watch either way it is pure entertainment and suitable for all ages.

Youngest riding the wave at Surf Lounge Ibiza
Our youngest riding the wave at Surf Lounge Ibiza
Easter in Ibiza is not as livley as the summer but a few of the West End bars do seem to open earlier and earlier each year mainly catering for the first summer workers arriving It’s always a great evening out at bars like the Fish Ibiza or the Social in San Antonio.

Mint Lounge and Cafe del Mar will be open for those who wish to enjoy the sunset strip although a top tip is to take a jacket as when the sun goes down the temperature does drop significantly compared to the summer.

For those who are looking for a good party Pacha in Ibiza town is open at weekends and in 2016 opened for 5 nights over the Easter period so it’s well worth checking out if you want to dance the night away.

Overall visiting Ibiza at Easter is fantastic, the islands true beauty really does shine through, it forces you to explore a little more with less open but this is no bad thing and you will find some hidden gems you never knew existed.

Everywhere just seems more relaxed and the pace of life is so much slower with the locals preparing for the madness of summer and early summer workers arriving day by day.

It won’t suit those who are looking for a pure clubbing holiday but if you want a relaxed unhurried few days away, Easter in Ibiza is just perfect.



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Easter In Ibiza

Ibiza is absolutely one of my favourite places in the world. Of course I know that when I say Ibiza the first thing that springs to mind is their unrivalled party scene and, don’t get me wrong, I do love a party – I live for a good party – but sometimes you’ve got to chill out, and Ibiza draws me back every single time. It also helps that I’m lucky to have a group of friends who live in Ibiza all year round, giving me the perfect excuse to visit as well as a gorgeous little place to stay.


And whilst Ibiza possesses that special something that draws clubbers back year after year (lets face it, everybody already knows about the incredible clubbing and nightlife), it’s the islands energy, beauty and diversity that’s its real selling point.
 I thought I’d take advantage of the lovely four-day weekend to head over to the Ibiza to recharge and visit friends, who are in the process of setting up a host of exciting new projects for the upcoming summer. And whilst it’s just over a month until all of my favourite clubs start opening their doors to punters again, there was still lots going on in Ibiza to keep me entertained.
Spending Friday basking in the sunlight, drinking Spanish beer and eating cake in Ibiza’s old town (with views of the Dalt Villa, which is beautiful and steeped in history), Friday night we headed to the opening of super-cool Ibiza lounge bar Aura for it’s first party of 2011.


Situated on a quiet road in the north of the island – and handily only about 800 meters from my friends villa – Aura is known for it’s chic restaurant, gorgeous outdoor cocktail lounge and terrace, and it’s cosmopolitan mix of clientele. With Friday night seeing nearly 2000 people through it’s doors it was busy to say the least but, more than anything, it was really exciting; this was one of Ibiza’s first opening parties and the outlook for the summer of 2011 in Ibiza is amazing – people’s spending confidence is definitely back on the White Isle.

Saturday saw another beautifully sunny day in Ibiza, and spending the day relaxing at the beach clubs that line Las Salinas beach was more than enough to keep me happy. Just 10 minutes drive from Ibiza Town, Salinas is popular with the wealthy and beautiful people of Ibiza, as well as celebrities and footballers who flock to Ibiza every year in their droves. Of course being off-season meant that we were able to get a great table with a view overlooking the sea and all the way down the beach as well, which is normally hard in the summer as the bars are packed full. Whilst the beach bars in Salinas can be expensive in the summer (expect to pay around €25-30 for one of the hefty salads at The Jockey Club – eek), the beach itself is absolutely stunning and the perfect place for people watching. A popular beach and definitely worth a visit in the summer months, it’s perfect for sharing a little sangria with the girls when you fancy treating yourself.


Having made plans to visit KM5 on Saturday night and establishing that all this relaxing was hungry work, we booked a table at Kathmandu, a Nepalese restaurant in Santa Eularia, for dinner. Santa Eularia has a good reputation as Ibiza’s gastromnomic and cultural centre and has a thriving all-year community. Perfectly located and with a wide choice of good, hearty Nepalese food at a very reasonable price, Kathmandu comes highly recommended (the paneer pakora and butter chicken comes on personal recommendation if you have trouble choosing). And whilst you’ll need a car to get there and back, the food alone is worth the trek.
On route from Kathmandu back into Ibiza Town we stopped off for a quick drink and peek inside KM5.

Located about 5 kilometres from Ibiza town (hence the name), KM5 offers the quintessentially balearic experience, with their beautiful, Bedouin styled oasis, arabic-style tents and enchanting gardens – and their cocktails are rather good too. It’s usually very popular during the summer months, so it was great to get the chance to visit in April when it was a little bit quieter……


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